What its all about
As a Certified Business Coach (CPD) I support you in achieving your next goals. I am your sparring partner with many years of experience, utilising different methods to get you to the next level!

As a Certified Primal Health Coach I can show you how easy it is to have more energy, be fitter and think more clearly by watching what you eat, getting enough sleep and enjoying the great outdoors.
As a good coach I work closely with the coachee in a positive, forward-looking and solution-oriented manner. I support people in finding solutions to personal challenges and in attaining highest possible achievements. It is one of the most effective methods for boosting personal and professional potential and finding sustainable solutions that just plain feel right and can be implemented.

What a good coaching can do for you:

  • Strengthen the most important resource there is – YOU!
  • Support in finding personal solutions to business or life challenges
  • Open new ways to clearly recognise goals help set priorities
  • Offers you an unbiased, appreciative and confidential environment to discuss ideas
  • Activates you out of a possible state of “waiting for something to happen”
  • Allows a different view or perspective on a subject through a competent sparring partner

Primal Health
In our society we unfortunately do not pay enough attention to our health. We are programmed for success, diligently running around from meeting to meeting with a smartphone in our face and trying to dual process everything else on the fly. I can show you how to easily recharge your batteries, increase your fitness and boost your cognitive capabilities by watching what you eat, how you sleep and making sure you get some outdoor time.

I offer all of my services in both my maternal languages English and German.

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